Fibreglass and Concrete Pool Resurfacing

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Why spend huge amounts of money on installing a brand new pool, when you can restore your existing pool back to it’s former glory at a fraction of the cost.​

New Life Pools uses Allnex Aquaguard fibretech pool resurfacing system. Aquaguard will protect and rejuvenate your pool, saving you money and time.  Let your pool shine and become the feature of your backyard once again, the restoration process generally takes as little as a week to complete and will instantly improve your pools appeal and life.

Fibreglass resurfacing is suitable for Fibreglass, concrete and vinyl pools.

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Restoration Process

Step 1

Fibreglass swimming pool resurfacing, fibreglass pool restoration, empty fibreglass pool, prop pool

First we brace your pool to support it's structural integrity when emptying. It limits the chance of your pool popping or bowing during the restoration process. Once props have been fixed to your pool we empty it using a pump. When your pool is empty we grind the previous gel coat. This process removes old surface blemishes and prepares the surface for the pool resurfacing process.  .

Step 2

Fibreglass pool restoring, resurfacing pool, chopmat fibreglass, aquaguard top coat

 Next we inspect the surface of your pool to find any cracks hollows or imperfections that need to be repaired before the first coat of vinyl ester is applied. Now that all the repairs have been completed your pool will be given a coat of vinyl ester. A layer of chop matt fibreglass is placed across the entire surface of your pool and then adhered down with a coat of vinyl ester. This process creates a shell inside your old pool and gives the surface strength.  

Step 3

Fibreglass pool resurfacing, fibreglass pool renovation, pool sanding, fillcoat

 Once the previous step has completely dried, a fill coat in the colour of your choice is applied. This coat fills in any imperfections and give the surface more strength and colour depth. After the fill coat has cured the surface is given a quick sanding to etch the surface for the final layer.  Your pool resurfacing is almost finished!

Step 4

Recaot fibreglass swimming pool, resurfaced pool, sapphire blue finish,

Finally the top coat is applied in the colour of your choice. We use  Allnex Composites  Aquaguard® Topcoat that can withstand the harsh Australian sun. Our pool pesurfacing process brings new life back to both concrete and fiberglass pools.


Fibreglass pool resurfaced in sapphire blue, fibreglass pool, pool renovation, pool restoration

 The pool restorative procedure takes a week including cure time. The curing is water-sensitive, so this entire process can only be done in fine weather. 

Allnex Composites

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Using only the best

At New Life Pools we only use Allnex Composites, Aquaguard® technology, the Fibretech pool resurfacing product range has over 20 years of outstanding field history in protecting fiberglass pools.

This high performance range is the result of an extensive research and development program to formulate a superior solution suitable for the resurfacing of both concrete and fibreglass constructed pools. The range consists of four products:

• Aquaguard® Topcoat – a decorative cosmetic layer, specifically developed for this system.

• Fibretech Fillcoat – a chemical resistant layer which also provides enhanced surface finish and quality.

• Ultratec® VE Tie Layer Resin – reinforced with ECR fibreglass providing superior chemical, water

and osmosis resistance.

• Vinyl Ester Primer Coat – concrete pools only will require additional surface preparation to ensure adequate

adhesion to the existing pool wall.